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Joyce Guojun Ma

Rising Star Photography Society Instructor - Joyce Guojun Ma

Joyce Guojun Ma

Joyce Guojun Ma, founder and owner of the Rising Star Photography Society, LLC (RSPS) is a passion driven landscape photographer, dedicated to kids photography education and their nurturing and character shaping through camera lens and travel around the world. As a mom of two 11 year olds twins and a successful business owner as a family dentist, she has spent tremendous time interacting with kids, teaching them in variety of ways to help them achieve positive attitudes on everything. She started out photography as a hobby, but soon found herself attracted to the beauty of mountain and sea scenery, light and shadow bounces, warmth and breath taking sunrise and sunset and fantasy world in Aurora. As she started to teach her kids, she realized that kids photography resources are so limited and there are just not enough systematic lessons or hands on opportunities for them to enjoy it and learn to recognize the world in this artistic means. RSPS was founded to fill in this gap with the help of a number of great master professional photographers. She is an executive member of Photographic Society of New Jersey (PSNJ) as the Director of Treasuror, a current member of Photographic Society of American (PSA). She has won gold medals in PSNJ quarter photo competition open sessions twice in a row since she started to join. Her work has also been selected for various exhibitions locally and in galleries including Hillsborough Library, Belmar Arts Center and Millstone River Gallery. She has a DDS from New York University and a PhD from Johns Hopkins University. As a double doctor graduate, her intellectual level and her passion in photography and her determination on kids education make RSPS a very unique kids photography club. This is one of her dreams: “We want to teach kids values though camera and we want our kids growing up to be rising stars no matter which direction they choose to go.”

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