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Course to take in 2019-2020

Perhaps the most powerful medium of communication, photography changes the way in which most individuals see the world. Though pictures and photos surround us daily through the Internet, television, newspapers and magazines, learning how to capture these moments ignites a new level of personal introspection. With this in mind, Rising Star Photography Society has created systemic classes and hands on photography lessons for children, giving them the wonderful opportunity to engage with life and culture behind the lens.

Classes are professionally designed and led by Joyce Guojun Ma, Founder and Principal Instructor at Rising Star Photography Society, along with Dr. Kah-Wai Lin, master instructor and camp leader. Other instructors include Karen Kwong and Yang Han. Photography curriculum is specifically geared towards children ages 9-14, and incorporates the following topics:

  • Introduction to Photography
  • Cameras and Equipment (A full frame DLR camera and tripod are recommended. Be sure to ask about our loaner program!)
  • Composition Skills
  • Light Uses
  • Types of Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Camera Settings and Application
  • Photo Processing
  • Photo Printing
  • Photo Contest Preparations

Membership and Class Policies

In order to provide students with the resources they need to advance their photography skills, the instructors at Rising Star Photography Society provide membership at two levels—general and elite.

With access to our exclusive social media group, membership at the general level ($100 annually) provides students with online webinar lessons and photo critiques, eligibility for onsite classes, outing workshops and worldwide camps. The elite membership ($80 annually, plus paid lesson packages) includes systemic classes on site and/or video photography lessons, online photo critiques, resources for state, local and international photography competitions, outing workshops, and off site photography camps worldwide with top priority class placement when available. At any level, parents may enjoy our free social media group for Q and A, activity announcements and other information.

To accommodate the needs of families, students may pick from one of two class times each week—Thursdays from 5-6 p.m. or Saturdays from 5-6 p.m. Sundays are designated for photo shooting activities at different times and locations, depending upon the weather. If students miss their class, instructions will be provided on how to access the video segment of their recorded class. Other class policies and procedures are below:

  • Only Rising Star Photography Society Members can sign up for classes and/or lessons.
  • Elite members have top priority in class placements and/or workshops.
  • Class tuition may be paid annually or by semester. Camp fees are separate, and vary depending on travel and location.
  • Class payments are non-refundable.

At Rising Star Photography Society, we aim to provide your child with a rich and unique experience as they begin to appreciate the natural elements of their surroundings through photography. Our students have fun, while learning to use their imagination and expand their creativity.

For more information about classes, or to learn about how you can become a member, call today!

Class schedules

Week day Hours
Tuesday 5:30PM – 6:30PM
Thursday 4:30PM – 5:30PM

Contact us

Please email us for any questions you may have. We will try to help you address it as soon as possible or fill out the form below so someone will get back to you in timely fashion