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Photography Perspectives: Life Through A Different Lens

Given their fresh imagination and unbiased ways of looking at the world, children perceive life and all of its elements differently than most adults do. In many circumstances, this all-engaging viewpoint serves them well. Yet, this is often lost throughout the journey to adulthood. Thus, the question becomes—how can we harness the pure creativity of children? At Rising Star Photography Society in Princeton, we devote time and energy into encouraging and nurturing children’s passion for photography, as these perspectives allow them to engage life through a different lens.

Adults are notorious for making things complicated. That’s why, when it comes to learning the basics of digital photography, it’s important to keep it simple. A helpful, yet practical concept to learn is to “fill the frame.” In essence, this means that when taking a picture, the subject needs to fill up the size of the frame. When this is done properly, there are no distractions in the background or within the periphery of the picture. Additionally, the “rule of thirds” is a primary concept that creates balance within a shot. The idea here is that when taking a picture, photographers should mentally imagine that the image is broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. By doing so, this creates 9 imaginary square parts that resemble a grid. When subjects or points of interests are placed along the intersecting points of the grid, the picture is considered more interesting.

As with many passions and hobbies, practice is more important than theory. In fact, taking pictures of the same object or scene over and over again, with instruction and feedback between shoots, proves invaluable when learning a particular skill. In the same way, encouragement goes a long way in helping expand the scope of understanding. It also spurs children on to learn more complex and challenging concepts when they feel supported.

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Dr. Joyce Guojun Ma, Founder and Principal Instructor at Rising Star Photography Society, has designed a comprehensive, unique photography curriculum for children ages 9-13. If you are in Princeton or surrounding area, and your child has a desire to explore the art of photography, call to learn more about the benefits of becoming a society member.

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