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Welcome to Rising Star Photography Society

About us

Rising Star Photography Society is a Princeton, NJ based photography club, which dedicates to photography education for youth and adults through lectures, workshops, photo tours and camps; promotes for photography excellence through photo tours and camps as well as international and national photo competitions and professional title and distinction certifications. Conveniently close to Montgomery and the surrounding areas in Mercer and Somerset counties, our goal is to provide a fun and interactive platform for youth and adults to learn photography in systemic lessons, hands on workshops, studio photo sessions, photo tours and unique camps. Photography is a type of art which needs the right training and practice to master. Exploring the world through camera lens gives everyone a wonderful channel to creatively record nature, life and culture. It helps people become more sensitive about surroundings, more thoughtful about what they see, and more joyful in creating their own galleries.

The happiness of seeing the world through photography is enormous when they learn to appreciate the nature colors, the lines and patterns, the lights and shadows. If you or your kids are interested in learning photography, this is the right society to join! Click here to become a member today!

Hand with a camera zoom

Our Instructors’ photos


Rising Star Photography Club offers different levels of membership. General membership would allow taking webinar lessons and receive online instructions which does not require coming to the classroom. Elite membership requires coming to lessons and we encourage elite members to participate in all workshop and camps. Parents are required to join the parent support group if your kids are members so we can communicate better in activities. Parents can also join the group to learn more info about our society before kids enrollment.

  • General membership

    $150 annually
    • social media group
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Online photo critics
    • Utilize our resources for state, national and international photography competitions
    • Eligible to take onsite classes, join outing workshops with fees provided that there are open spots
    • Eligible to join our photography workshop camps worldwide provided that there are open spots
  • Elite membership

    $80 annually
    plus paid lesson package
    • Systematic photography lessons, (choose from one of the two identical lessons on different days of each week) or video lessons
    • social media group
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Online photo critics
    • Utilize our resources for state, national and international photography competitions
    • Outing workshops with fees with guaranteed spots
    • Off site photography workshop camps worldwide with guaranteed spots
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Contact us

Please email us for any questions you may have. We will try to help you address it as soon as possible or fill out the form below so someone will get back to you in timely fashion


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